Beautiful Silks Workshops presents: a photographic record of our recently completed
Natural Dye Symposium 2012

''Nature's Colours in the City"

30 events in 14 days, and we’ve done it . Homes around Australia and New Zealand will be fragrant with the aroma of the forest and field as inspired artists hone the new skills picked up over the last several days.

June 27th - July 11th 2012

Didn't make it? See what you missed.

From one of our guest lecturers:

Dear Marion

It was really nice to be connected with you. Thanks to the beautiful people and works too.
I am now busy with the artists who met at Nature's Colours in the city to org anise our exhibition in October. Hope this will be good opportunity for them.

Sounds like you have great team in New Zealand too. I used to work at a organic food shop in Dunedin and it was one if my best work still. I know very little about farming but I would love to see the possibility of growing dye stuff in NZ.I understand that this is going to be a long-term project and we must consider protecting New Zealand natives too.
Let me find out about Sukumo, a fermented japanese indigo leaves first, see if we can bring it into AU and NZ.

I have just arrived to Japan last night. it is hot and indigo dye season now.

Please send many thanks to your team, Elephant and young staffs too. They were great workers.


What the critics said:

- learnt more about local dyes
- good workshop size
- learning something new
- “loved it!”
- Velma was lovely
- Naomi was amazing
- “Thank you for your excellent work, all of you!”
- most enjoyable time
- inspired to think of new patterns
- “Thank you for offering these classes it was terrific”
- great supply of fabrics supplied
- getting to know Fitzroy
- thank you to the staff at Beautiful silks
- seeing amazing results
- “really enjoyable and interesting day”
- learning new skills with great company
- Lindy’s generosity
- Great tutor, good doing it over 2 days (Lindy Frayne’s workshop)
- Lots of space to work
- “Just had loads of fun”
- Asa was a wonderful teacher
- Good variety of dye pots

The first of many "Academy of Textile Wisdom" events- but wait- there's more, click here for details.

OK, it’s not all excitement, there’s hard work, failed attempts and frustration alongside the joy of meeting new challenges, after all everyone here is ready to take their next step and tackle textiles from a new angle. But the atmosphere is joyous and supportive so no problem is insurmountable. No wonder they’ve travelled from across our country and overseas to be a part of the work being done, the baton being passed. The only disappointment is not being able to do all the workshops, there’s so much to learn and time is the biggest hurdle. There’s families and work to return to, but not today, we’re all coming back for more tomorrow!

Naomi Stevenson did a fantastic job as Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Having fun while creating, is my goal in teaching, to encourage and inspire others to fall in love with expressing themselves through fabric.

from the thoughts of the Supreme Bird.